Program for the GoodFestival 4th Edition 26-29 April 2018



Jeunotel & Musée Romain

Registration starts at 1:30PM
Program starts at 2PM

GoodFestival Summit Innovation Jam

On the first day, you will have the opportunity to introduce your project, your biggest challenge and listen to other Innovators do the same.

All you need is a project in one of the 8 categories - Food, Water, Habitat, Energy, Health, Music, Education or Environment - to build a better world. Now you are ready to scale up, but you have limited resources. No fear, this is where you ask other Innovators for input. Maybe you want to create a campaign to raise funds or to develop a new product. Anything, just present your project in 2 minutes. And listen to 100s of stories.


Good Film Festival LAUNCH

GoodFilmFestival showcases stories of Innovators who are addressing climate change and uplifting communities by providing energy, education, shelter, health, water and food security. All participants of the Summit also have the opportunity to experience the best, authentic, inspiring films and enjoy the dinner.



Jeunotel & Musée Romain

10AM to 6PM

GoodFestival Summit Innovation Bootcamp

On the second day, you will build your campaign to address your biggest challenge by collaborating with other Innovators. You also have the option to attend workshops from other Innovators - lunch, dinner and access to the GoodFilmFestival is included.


Good Film Festival

Film Showcases will continue on the second day, where different Innovators will present their films.



Jeunotel & Musée Romain

10AM to 6PM

GoodFestival Summit Innovation Pitch

On the third day, you will pitch your campaign idea to an expert Jury - and potentially win 12 months of Marketing & Fundraising support and the PremaGyan Good100 Medal. In order to select the winners - the Jury will be grading your pitch based on your ability to Get Good Done, Raise Funds, Collaborate with other Innovators and evidence of Low Cost Innovation & Production. You have the option to invite anyone to the Brainstorm4Good in the afternoon for free - lunch, dinner and access to the GoodFilmFestival is included.

Registration starts at 2PM
Program starts at 2:30PM

Brainstorm4Good for 11-19Yr olds

Work together to design the event you want to attend as part of GoodFestival 5th Edition, 1-4 November 2018 and win up to 2,000CHF of support (in kind - GoodFestival will provide venue, marketing and ticketing) to make it happen + the PremaGyan Medal at the GoodFestival Awards Ceremony at a Musée Romain on Sunday 29th April.


Good Film Festival

Film Showcases will continue on the third day and will be completed by latest 10:30pm.



Musée Romain

Registration starts at 1PM
Program starts at 1:30PM


On the fourth day, all PremaGyan Good100 Medal winners are invited to receive their Medals at Musée Romain, listen to inspiring Speakers, watch the award winning films from the GoodFilmFestival and enjoy the after party to complete the GoodFestival 4e, the world's biggest celebration of sustainable innovation.

Speakers from GoodFestival April 2018:

Workshop Leaders from GoodFestival April 2018:

FEATURED FILMS from GoodFestival April 2018: