GoodFestival is the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation.


Join the Global Good Congress at The Olympic Museum, 15 November 2019.



9:00 - 10:00
Registration / Coffee with Jury

+ Ingrid Olivia, Co-Founder, Kashí
+ Sara Vidal, Advanced Analytics Expert
+ Flavia Spasiano, Founder Interview Lab
+ Shauna Little, International Development
+ Alessandra Wutholen, Founder, MyPetSitting
+ Elody de Brito, Project Officer Geneva, SINGA
+ Rajiv Srivastava, Impact Investor, GoodFestival
+ Isabelle A. Bourgeois, Journalist and Filmmaker
+ Hélène Moulin, Food Promoter, Chefs en Cuisine
+ Laurent Loup, Product Manager on Digital Identity
+ Carolyn Davenport Moncel, Founder, Simply Souperlicious
+ Gabriella Silvestri PhD biologist, Founder, Travel4thoughts
+ Tanya Murphy, Social Impact Measurement, Zoe Sarojini Education Trust
+ Shawnmarie Mayrand-Chung PhD/JD, Founder of The Alignment Initiative
+ MarLa Burgener, Head of Digital Innovation & Sustainability, GreenGoWeb
+ Jenny Moberg, Public Health Physician and International Health Services Researcher
+ Marcelo F. de la Cruz, Societal Impact Researcher, Ludwig Maximilian University Munich
+ Biliana Vassileva, Social Innovation Coach, Consultant and Facilitator, Founder of Swiss Failure+ Akademy
+ Heather Leson, Data Literacy Lead, The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

10:00 - 10:50
Opening Keynote

How negating collaboration precludes innovation. Jos Verbeek, World Bank Group

10:50 - 11:00

Good100 Program announcement and overview of the day. Rajiv Srivastava, GoodFestival

11:00 - 13:00

1. Eradicate Violence and Stress in our modern society. Nicolas Grandjean, Namaka Float Space

2. How can we engage local communities for marine conservation? Ivan Martin, Swiss Cetacean Society

3. Reforming the Education system with the mission of none left behind. Youness Yaghcha, Serial Disruptor

4. How can we give shelter as a right to everyone? Michel Zimmermann, M’Faddel Cherkaoui and Johan Lobmeyer, Survival Quest

5. Breaking barriers and mounting opportunities for learners in emerging countries and beyond. Mathieu K. Gouanou and Goran Cetkovic, edwYse

6. How can we help entrepreneurs, small businesses and NGO to create more opportunities? Stéphane Bondabelo, e-terative

7. How can we make informal networks for the empowerment of women sustainable and exploitation-free? Denise Nickerson and Michelle Guiliano, Salt Consulting

8. How do we, as consumers, know the choices that we make every day are ethical, ecological, and sustainable? Rebecca Mühlethaler and Jen Burke, La Vie Verte

9. How to identify, validate and win acceptance for new policy tools to equitably and sustainably manage energy? Sascha Nick, Societal transition researcher, CO2-monitor and EPFL

10. Night shifts, food deserts and wellbeing: unravelling this paradox through education and collaboration. Dr Abhinav Bhansali, Elaine Macaninch, Dr Moushumi Baruah and Dr Katie Parker, Culinary Medicine UK CIC

11. Improving the link between research, development and the industry in commodity value chains which originate in developing countries (eg. coffee, cocoa, tea, bananas)? Dr. Ingrid Fromm, Research Associate International Agriculture, Bern University of Applied Sciences

12. How can we integrate urban farming into our lives to produce quality and sustainable food within everyone’s reach? Tom Lachkar, Co-founder & CCO, Caulys

13. How can we harness the power of diversity and difference to create profound collaboration? Daniel Remigius Auf der Mauer and Tzegha Kibrom, Full Circle

14. How can we combat global obesity with learning and support and how best to use technology to scale this up? Rowana Statham, NOSH ROCKS

15. How can we successfully change the stereotypical bland and rather dull image of ethical food and veganism into something sexy and attractive for everyone involved? Natalie Chandra Wiedmer, Satrina-Vegetarian with a Sexy Twist!

16. Inspire people to change and act for a lifestyle with a positive impact, through a simple & attractive way. Naomé Schenk, By Naomé

17. Financial sector & social entrepreneurship: How to go from branches, to bridges, to platforms of exchanges. Neil Beecroft, PuraWorka

18. How can we give access to ongoing support, growth and empowerment for women who are no longer in a workplace? Melitta Campbell, Business and Communications Coach and Mentor, Marisa Bechara, Life Coach and Nomad Lean-In Founder

19. How do we empower and amplify voices of marginalised communities? Lucy Antrobus, Steve Lynch, and Cathlene Bell, Refugee Voices

20. How can we support Swiss residents to calculate their personal GHG footprints, reduce personal emissions dramatically through new behaviors and become accountable to each other? Renée LaPlante, The Decarbonista Project

21. How to guide young parents in adopting sustainable consumer behavior and bring up a new generation of environment-conscious and healthier humans from the very first moments of life. Sacha Thorey, Co-Founder,

13:00 - 14:30

Teams brainstorm to answer 3 questions:
+ What will you do together?
+ When will you make it happen?
+ How can the GoodFestival team support you?

14:30 - 16:00

16:00 - 17:00

17:00 - 17:30


"La route de la joie" teaser by Isabelle A. Bourgeois, journalist and filmmaker

17:30 - 18:00



Collaborate with the toughest people on earth to solve the biggest challenges facing the universe.


GoodFestival is about celebrating innovation focussed on promoting education, health, habitat, nutrition, clean water, security, environmental balance and clean energy for all - any activity that leads to a society uplifted, women empowered, safer families, vibrant startups and thriving communities of artists.
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GoodFestival 1E, 25-29 October 2016:

After 2 years of planning and 4 years of research and development we launched the GoodFestival together with a team of students from EHL and EPFL at the boat “Lausanne” operated by CGN and at The Olympic Museum, Lausanne, Switzerland. Right from the first day the intent was the launch a multi-genre, multi-day and multi-venue event series.

GoodFestival 2E, 20-22 April 2017:

The second edition had more workshops, speakers, collaborations and jury members. Now the question was how can we scale up.

GoodFestival 3E, 17-21 October 2017:

For the third edition, we extended the scope of GoodFestival to include Music and invited over 70 speakers, workshop leaders and coaches. The third edition allowed us to reach a major milestone as we were able to deliver 3 Editions over 13 Days at 6 venues in just one year - thus establishing GoodFestival as the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation.

GoodFestival 4E, 26-29 April 2018:

During the fourth Edition, we extended the scope to include the filmmakers, added the Brainstorm4Good for kids. This allowed us to broaden the age group of the Innovators we were promoting and we also laid down the foundation of co-productions with GoodFestival Workshops.

GoodFestival 5e, 2 november to 14 december 2018:

Six months later, we completed the circle by turning GoodFestival into a platform where Innovators could not only showcase their projects but also co-produce events. Essentially, we have created a risk management system which allows the Innovator to scale up without fear. This new system allowed us to launch the 100 Days of Innovation as part of the fifth edition of GoodFestival.

GoodFestival 5E, Global Good Congress with EPFL Tech4Impact, 2 November 2018:

GoodFestival partnered with EPFL Tech4Impact to deliver the Global Good Congress at The Olympic Museum and brought the leading researchers of sustainable innovation together with the most inspiring Sustainable Innovators building a better world.

GoodFestival 5E, Good Water Summit with Waterpreneurs, 6 December 2018:

We brought together a dynamic ecosystem of water & sanitation stakeholders - entrepreneurs, innovators, researchers, investors, large and small companies, non-governmental organizations, International Organizations, incubators - who are contributing to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal number 6.

GoodFestival 5e, Great Women Leaders, 7-8 December 2018:

As more women are set to reach the top of their organizations, everyone is realizing that they see the world differently. Great Women Leaders at the Salle Paderewski showcased stories of leaders who have overcome great odds to do something good for the world.

GoodFestival 5e, Firestarter at Tesla, 11-14 December 2018:

Firestarter Open Session was the first step towards creating an event series for discovering new films, music, art, sculpture, photography, dance, fashion, food, books - everything creative, uplifting and responsible.

GoodFestival 6e, Good Brand Summit, 15 May 2019

For the sixth edition, we launched the GoodBrandSummit (GBS). GBS is about discovering Good Brands, Good People, and Good Food from organizations and companies which are tackling sustainability issues and positioning their brands to mean much more than money.