Start your Campaign

Funding@GoodFestival is open to any Innovator who is building a better world with a project in one of the following 8 categories: Water, Food, Habitat, Art, Education, Health, Energy & Environmental Balance. 

Benefits include:
:: Funding@GoodFestival is free for up to 2,000CHF raised - afterwards, a fee of 4.8% plus any additional credit card fees and foreign exchange fees will apply on the total amount raised.

:: Receive free tickets worth up to 2,000CHF for GoodFestival Event Series inc. Ganga Summit and Palo Alto Summit - that you can use as a reward for your crowdfunding campaign.

:: Showcase your project at the GoodFestival Event Series in Switzerland, India or the USA including the GoodFilmFestival in Lausanne. 

:: You will also have the option to co-organize a “Fundraiser" event together with us - we will support you with - venue, marketing, and ticketing. 

:: There is no minimum threshold that you need to cross. You keep what you raise.

:: The upper limit of Crowdfunding is 20,000CHF - the recommended amount for the first campaign is 2,000CHF.


We are using the "Fairfundr" method we developed while testing at the Swissnex / Swiss Consulate with the support of CTI (Commission for Technology and Innovation of the Swiss Federal Government) in October 2014 and cross-checked together with a team from BSL in 2017. The Fairfundr method uses fundraiser events for supporters and the use of “escrow” till the rewards are delivered by the Innovators to their supporters.

At the time of applying to start the crowdfunding campaign, you need to be clear about the objective of your campaign, rewards for the supporters, you need a website that describes what you do, a video that shows what you have done, a facebook page where you post updates and a Linkedin page that shows your professional profile. See sample campaign here.