Here are the benefits for the Innovators, who join the GoodFestival 4th Edition, Lausanne, Switzerland, 26-29 April 2018.

1. GoodFestival IDEATHON: Anyone addressing poverty or climate change faces challenges, problems and obstacles. The IDEATHON is where Innovators (startups and established companies) introduce their project + the biggest challenges they face. Innovators collaborate and support each other to win the PremaGyan Good100 medal.

2. GoodFestival OPEN SESSIONS & WORKSHOPS: Anyone can attend informative sessions to learn and to gain insights about topics that are important to advance their venture or personal development. These sessions are primarily co-organized with Innovators who have already won the PremaGyan Good100 medal.  

3. GoodFestival MUSIC AUDITIONS: Anyone using music as a force for good is welcome to take part in the GoodFestival Music Audition. Selected artists will win a paid performance at the GoodFestival Awards, The Olympic Museum and also win the PremaGyan Good100 medal.

4. GoodFestival AWARDS: So far 90 Innovators have won the PremaGyan Good100 medal from over 1,000 applicants from 40+ countries. The awards ceremony is a celebration of sustainable innovation. The only way to win the medal is by presenting your project or venture, or your art or music project to the Jury and by meeting the selection criteria.

5. GoodFestival INNOVATION TOURS: Innovators who are selected for the PremaGyan Good100 medal or as Speakers or Partners have the option to participate at the GANGA SUMMIT 2018 in Varanasi, India or PALO ALTO SUMMIT 2019 in San Francisco Bay Area, USA. These Innovation Tours are being organized together with amazing partners of GoodFestival.

6. GoodFestival COMMUNITY: All PremaGyan Good100 medal winners have the option to tell their story, share their news or provide an update using the GoodPowWow magazine or the GoodFestival Innovator Group on Facebook. Leverage the GoodPowWow Facebook page with 3,800+ likes and also the OneMillionSparks Facebook page with 350,000+ likes.

7. GoodFestival CROWDFUNDING: All selected Innovators have the option to raise funds for their venture or their marketing campaign and even their travel via the OneMillionSparks Crowdfunding platform. We will even support your crowdfunding campaign on any other platforms via the massive OneMillionSparks Community on Facebook.

8. GoodFestival at FAIR PRICE: The Innovator Pass includes all meals and support for promotion across all communities of GoodFestival for a year. The price for the Innovator depends on the level of cash their venture is generating. Price range from 0CHF to 380CHF for the Innovator Pass.