From 2 November 2018 in Lausanne, the fifith edition of GoodFestival, the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation will, bring together hundreds of entrepreneurs, filmmakers, scientists, musicians and investors working on projects that address the root causes of poverty and climate change. GoodFestival is an opportunity to get inspired, to collaborate, to raise funds for projects, win the PremaGyan Good100 Medal and #GetGoodDone.


The 4th Edition featured inspiring Keynote speakers as part of the GoodFestival Summit, where Innovators had an opportunity to learn from experiences of other Innovators. Here is a partial list of speakers:

: “Building bridges between worlds” by Joëlle Dey-Boada, Founder of BusinessConscient and Energie de Vie, cofounder of Crea'Spark,

: “Innovators for tomorrow, creating a sustainable world” by René Longet, Vice-Chairman of Services industriels de Genève (SIG)

: “Integrating social impact into EPFL’s ecosystem for promoting innovation” by Dr. Michaël Thémans, Deputy Vice-President for Innovation (EPFL).

: “What’s diversity got to do with it?” by Jean-Luc Bressard, CEO of Hextransforma Healthcare.

: “Education - a continuous mission for a better future” by Prof. Ruby Bakshi Khurdi, Exceptional Women of Excellence 2017 Award by Women Economic Forum.

: “Sustainable Growth Strategies & Global Development” by Benedikt Schwartz, Senior Consultant at Swiss Global Enterprise (S-GE)

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The 4th Edition launched the GoodFilmFestival (GFF18) with high-Impact stories of Innovators who are addressing climate change and uplifting communities by providing energy, education, shelter, health, water and food security. The Highlight of GFF18 was a panel from FIFEL - Foundation for Films on Energy of Lausanne - to discuss how access to energy transforms women's lives and how women are leading energy transition in Switzerland and around the world. Headliners included:

: “Hombre Eléctrico”, a short film by Alvaro Muñoz Rodriguez from Chile that tells the story of Gaston and Fresia from a small town where the turn of a bicycle’s wheel brings back the forgotten past and where voices, sounds and gestures reveal the magic of a nostalgic world.

: “Powerless”, a documentary film by Deepti Kakkar & Fahad Mustafa from India about the problem of power theft in an industrial town.

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The 4th Edition also saw the launch of GoodFestival Workshops that are co-produced, ticketed events with Innovators. Here is a partial list:

: “Giving & Receiving Feedback: Let’s grow together” by Flavia Spasiano, Founder of Interview Lab.

: “Maximising the Positive Impact of Failures on Your GoodBusiness” by Biliana Vassileva, Founder of trans.form.

: “Provoke your potential, creativity and fulfill your Dreams” by Guler Kizilenis, Founder of Creative CoachingAtelier.

: “Profit for Good: Improve your Business Model” by Gretel Gambarelli PhD, Founder of Our Swiss Business.

: “Live an experience related to your senses” by Sarah Krebs & Christophe Guinand, Co-Founders of L’ASSISE.

"Emotions, your keys to success and well-being" by Alain Cayrol, Anne-Brigitte de Courten and Angela Steck.

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One of the highlights of the GoodFestival 4th Edition was the “Brainstorm4Good”, an event exclusively for 11 to 19 year olds future leaders who brainstormed and worked together to design the event they want to attend as part of GoodFestival 5th Edition, from 2 November 2018. Yes, their ambitious mission is to create the future of Innovation.

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Funding@GoodFestival is open to any Innovator who is building a better world with a project in one of the following 8 categories: Water, Food, Habitat, Art, Education, Health, Energy & Environmental Balance. 

Benefits include:
:: Funding@GoodFestival is free for up to 2,000CHF raised - afterwards, a fee of 4.8% plus any additional credit card fees and foreign exchange fees will apply on the total amount raised.

:: Receive free tickets worth up to 2,000CHF for GoodFestival Event Series inc. Ganga Summit and Palo Alto Summit - that you can use as a reward for your crowdfunding campaign.

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All innovators selected to take part in GoodFestival will be eligible for:

1. Special global airfare from Finnair.
2. Special accommodation rates from Jeunotel.
3. Special RoundTheWorld Fares, Tours, Hotels and Flights from STA.