GoodFestival is where Entrepreneurs, Musicians, Accelerators, Impact Investors and Researchers go to network, to collaborate and support each other scale up their ventures focussed on building a better world. Businesses or NGOs that respect people and nature. Business leaders, Tech entrepreneurs, Artists and Artisans who are inspiring, who are taking the road where struggle is guaranteed but the reward is an uplifted society, with empowered women, safer families, cleaner energy, vibrant startups and thriving communities of artists. 

GoodFestival is managed by Majamba of Switzerland. Thanks to the City of Lausanne / State of Vaud and support from mySwitzerland, Swiss Global Enterprise and Swissnex - we have been able to establish GoodFestival as the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation. Since the launch of GoodFestival on 25th of October 2016 and now - we have delivered 17 days of events / 200+ hours of programming to 1,000s of Innovators together with speakers from the WorldBank Group, UN Global Compact, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, digital switzerland, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Swiss Global Enterprise and 100+ other organizations / over four different editions: 

: GoodFestival 1st Edition, 25-29 October 2016 (5 days)
: GoodFestival 2nd Edition, 20-22 April 2017 (3 days)
: GoodFestival 3rd Edition, 17-21 October 2017 (5 days)
: GoodFestival 4th Edition, 26-29 April 2018 (4 days)

Now with our partners we are taking the GoodFestival global - via Ganga Summit, Varanasi, India in 2018 and Palo Alto Summit, San Francisco Bay Area, USA in 2019. And you have the opportunity to shape GoodFestival event series. Apply here. 

Here is an overview of our role & responsibilities:

Hazel Polka, Brainstorm4Good Lead
Alexandre Srivastava, Design Lead
Sara Vidal, Talent Acquisition Lead
Clémence Golinelli, Co-productions team
Rajiv Srivastava, Commercial Lead
Alastair Gray, Advisor
Sophie Rochat, Advisor
Jack Church, Advisor
Jaroslav Guzanic, Advisor
Gwladys Booh, Advisor
Jeannine Srivastava, Chairman