Our Mission Statement (or what do we believe in and why we choose to work together)

1. We believe that poverty is a human-made problem. Today more than 5,000,000,000 people* - around 70% of the world - are living on less than $10 a day and have limited access to education, information & opportunity and are more susceptible to disease, exploitation, social exclusion and devastating effects of climate change.

2. Most people believe that poverty has always existed and there is nothing we can do about it. Then there are those who are taking the road where struggle is guaranteed but the reward is an uplifted society, with empowered women, safer families, cleaner energy, vibrant startups and thriving communities of artists. We call this second group the “Sustainable Innovators”.

3. GoodFestival is open to anyone building a better world. A world with less hate, less greed, less division - and more compassion, more understanding, more collaboration. Any startup, established business, NGO, artist, artisan, business person, scientist, filmmaker, musician or writer - anyone who wants to collaborate with other innovators to build a better world. We actively look for evidence of doing good based on - What’s Good? - and only invite innovators, speakers, partners or sponsors once we are sure that the individual or the organisation is contributing to building a better world for everyone.

4. Our default setting is compassion. The very nature of any kind of selection is competitive, yet this can take form in different shades: compassionate selection, transactional selection, competitive selection. The first selection (who attends GoodFestival) is based on filling out a form and holding an interview by phone, where the innovator needs to provide evidence that the project is already live, backed by a team, and has a clearly defined mission and business plan. The second selection (who wins the PremaGyan Good100 Medal) is awarded to those innovators who collaborate with other innovators and are getting good done.

5. GoodFestival is Lausanne based and is held twice a year. Every edition is different. The 5th Edition of GoodFestival (5e) will take place from 2nd November to 14th December 2018. The 5e will take the form of a season of Summits, Congresses and Forums – each focused on one area that we feel needs to be addressed right now: 

:: GlobalGoodCongress is bringing together inspiring Sustainable Innovators & leading researchers focussed on the topic of sustainable innovation.

:: GoodBrandSummit is targeted at business leaders who want to showcase their sustainability initiatives.

:: GreatWomenLeaders is focused on showcasing stories of women leaders who have overcome great odds to do something good for the world.

:: Firestarter Summit is for discovering new films, music, art, sculpture, photography, dance, fashion, food, books - everything creative, uplifting and responsible. 

6. We are a woman-led organization and we subscribe to a feminine style of leadership that is based on compassion, inclusiveness and also more forgiving. We actively seek partnerships with leaders in various organizations as well as scientists and entrepreneurs - who share our values. Thanks to the support of the City of Lausanne, State of Vaud, mySwitzerland, Swiss Global Enterprise and Swissnex, GoodFestival is now the world’s biggest celebration of sustainable innovation.

7. Since the launch of GoodFestival on 25th October 2016, we have delivered 17 days of events / 200+ hours of programming to 1,000s of innovators together with speakers from the WorldBank Group, UN Global Compact, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Ernst & Young, digital switzerland, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, Swiss Global Enterprise and 100+ other organizations / over four different editions:

: GoodFestival 1e, 25-29 Oct'16
: GoodFestival 2e, 20-22 Apr'17
: GoodFestival 3e, 17-21 Oct'17
: GoodFestival 4e, 26-29 Apr'18

8. What’s next? With our partners, we are taking the GoodFestival global - via Ganga Summit, Varanasi, India and Palo Alto Summit, San Francisco Bay Area, USA in addition to the biannual GoodFestival in Lausanne, Switzerland - Spring & Winter Editions.

*Source: Credit Suisse 2017 (latest study on Wealth Distribution), Pew Research 2017; Global Entrepreneurship Monitor 2016/17.

GoodFestival Team:

Friends of GoodFestival:
Alastair Gray, Advisor
Clémence Golinelli, Advisor
Isabel Buchbinder, Advisor
Sophie Rochat, Advisor
Jack Church, Advisor
Jaroslav Guzanic, Advisor
Gwladys Booh, Advisor

Jeannine Srivastava, Chairwoman