Do you want to join the GoodFestival team?

Join the GoodFestival Team as a volunteer, if you can invest at least one hour everyday till 16th of October 2017. And at least 4 hours a day between 17-21 October 2017. You can choose to join any of the following teams:

1. Social Media Team: Together with the Team, you will be responsible for creating and managing the social media strategy of GoodFestival across various platforms inc. the 230,000 fan base of OneMillionSparks.

2. Talent Acquisition Team: Together with the Team, you will be responsible for scouting startups, established companies or NGOs building a better world with brave new projects, innovative products or essential services.

3. Event Operations Team: Together with the Team, you will be responsible for managing a set of partners to deliver the GoodFestival event. You will need a bit of experience in managing chaos and constant changes.

Our Story: Think of GoodFestival as a backstage party where you hangout with Artists, Entrepreneurs, Scientists, Writers, Filmmakers and other practitioners, the “doers” who are building a better world. The Olympic Museum is the main venue. Eventbrite is the official ticketing partner. GoodFestival is an initiative of Majamba SARL of Switzerland. Majamba has also received support from IBM Global Entrepreneur Program, Paypal Blueprint Program, Softlayer Catalyst Program, Gebert Rüf Stiftung. In all, Majamba has received support from 7 different agencies and departments of the City, State and Federal Government in Switzerland between 2014 and 2016. All logos and symbols of United Nations Sustainable Development Goals are used with the permission of the United Nations Department of Public Information in New York.