GoodFestival is an international event open to anyone in the world working on sustainable innovation. Innovators, Incubators, Accelerators and Impact Investors are welcome to showcase, network and partner to build a better world together. This Q&A section and the website are in English due to the international nature of the event.

1 | About GoodFestival
2 | What is the goal, the ambition of GoodFestival?
3 | Who are the Sustainable or Social Innovators?
4 | What is the business model of GoodFestival?
5 | Can companies and organizations showcase their products or services at GoodFestival?
6 | What is the focus of the upcoming October 2017 GoodFestival?
7 | What is “Collaborative Fundraising”?
8 | What is the GoodFestival approach to Collaborative Fundraising?
9 | Why should I cooperate with other Innovators to raise funds?
10 | What is Hakathon?
11 | How does Hakathon work?
12 | What is the Sustainable Money Maker methodology?
13 | What fundraising platform will we be using?
14 | So the focus of the GoodFestival 3rd edition is just “fundraising”?
15 | I have already raised funds, is the GoodFestival interesting for me too?
16 | I would like to attend GoodFestival but cannot attend the full five days. What should I do?
17 | I only have an idea for now - no concrete product - may I join?
18 | My venture does nothing particularly special for the environment or people’s well being 'except' create jobs - may I join?
19 | What will I get out of the GoodFestival ?
20 | Remind me again, why are YOU doing all this?
21 | How much does GoodFestival cost for Social and Sustainable Innovators?
22 | What will I have to pay for myself?
23 | When and where is the next GoodFestival, the third edition?
24 | Where can I get more information?